Analysis Farmer Willingness to Accept and Consumer Willingness to Pay in Batu Malang East Java


By: Ayu Wulandari Priyambodo

The aims of this study are to analyze the value of farmer’s willingness to accept, consumer’s willingness to pay organic vegetables, as well as to analyze the factors that determine farmer’s willingness to accept and consumer’s willingness to pay. Based on a list of farmers, it was performed a random sample selection as many as 26 farmers. Total sample of consumers in this study are 46 respondents divided according to their respective districts. Data obtained from the survey results in Tulungrejo, Bumiaji Kota Batu and Malang in East Java. The willingness to accept of the value analysis and value of willingness to pay using analysis tool of contingent valuation method by using the bidding game. Furthermore, multiple linear regression analysis is used to analyze the factors that influence the willingness to accept and willingness to pay. Factors affecting farmer’s willingness to accept are the age of farmers, income, land area, the number of family members, and length of service. Whereas, factors affecting consumer’s willingness to pay are income, gender consumer, age, the number of family members. Of all the above factors affecting willingness to accept significant are the income of farmers and land area. While the factors which affect the willingness to pay are income and the number of family members.

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